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The Benefits of Gifted Education (PACE) in Tempe

Promoting Actualization through Creativity and Excellence (PACE)
Stories from the Parents of Students in the Tempe Elementary School District PACE Program

My daughter has been challenged with the projects her PACE teacher facilitates.  I have also found it very informative to attend the parent info nights/inservices on how to better understand giftedness and so forth.

I have three adult children (surgeon; special education teacher; artist) who not only benefited from being served by the PACE program, but would say it was a lifeline to their success. I currently have three grandchildren who are PACE students and would say the same. 

My student is no longer bored at school. My child is excited to attend PACE and feels proud to be challenged. He’s always excited to share what he has learned in PACE. In general, his mood has improved since starting his advanced classes.

Three of my children were in PACE and they loved it. They found the curriculum challenging, the opportunity to be a leader fun and they continued their high level of education into high school and middle school.

Mrs. Evans and Mueller have really been amazing for my son. They have taken the time to really listen and work with him to help him be his best. He has not been identified with a learning disorder but does have a harder time with his peers in certain settings and handling anger and frustration.

The PACE program has been a savior for our kids and our family. The teachers address our children’s specific needs and provide valuable emotional support and coping strategies for when they are not in PACE. My wife and I see our children practicing these coping strategies at home and when they are playing with their friends. The PACE teachers advocate for our children and help their other teachers be more competent when dealing with their special needs. I firmly believe that our children’s future success is dependent on continuing to be active in PACE. As parents we have attended learning sessions with the PACE teachers. We have learned how to better serve our children and address their uncommon learning style.

My daughter loved going to her PACE gifted enrichment classes and being with her PACE friends.  Her creativity and imagination were fostered in her PACE classes, but she was always worried about missing core instruction while she was in PACE, especially math.

He was just invited to the program, but the learning profile created from the exams has been incredibly helpful for me as a parent helping him with his learning.  I feel ALL students and parents should have access to the learning profiles that come from the testing.

Our son qualified for all three PACE classes at Rover.  He enjoyed the extra challenge and went on to attend Aspire and Peggy Payne Academy.

The additional stimulation kept them engaged in learning, and open to more opportunities. Participating in the PACE program provided a good foundation on their education. My son is a National Hispanic Scholar at ASU Barrett Honor’s College.

This decision should be made as a society.  While I understand that school is essentially a “baseline” education system, ensuring certain criteria are met, why should it not be more?  Why should opportunity be limited to those who can afford it? People with children that may not participate in the gifted programs can still benefit.  After all, the greater the pool of knowledge and abilities of a society, the better; better solutions to problems, more critical thinking and therefore less mistakes, etc.

It is comforting to know that my child won’t be bored at school.  I was bored and it only led to trouble.  Plus, he comes home talking about all of the interesting things he was able to learn in his PACE group.  He is only in kindergarten, so I can’t wait to see what happens in the coming years.

My older daughter is now in 8th grade but she loved PACE because she felt bored in normal classes and enjoyed that PACE challenged her and provided a higher level of learning. She enjoyed the different learning style and group projects so much she went on in the Aspire school and was accepted into Peggy Payne next year.

It helps my son get excited about school, and encourages independent learning.

He was always looking forward to online classes because of PACE, it kept my son motivated about school even during the pandemic.

PACE and ASPIRE have both made a big impact on my children’s education. The gifted programs and curriculum are more engaging and have provided them with many challenges and opportunities that they were not  getting in their regular classrooms.

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