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AAGT Board of Directors

Are you interested in serving on the AAGT Board of Directors? The 2024-2025 AAGT Board of Directors is now open!

In February of each year, new members will be appointed to the Board of Directors of the Arizona Association for the Gifted and Talented (AAGT). We are actively seeking nominees with specific competencies and skills. These competencies and skills include: individuals with a non-profit financial/accounting background; individuals with legal expertise; individuals who reflect the ethnic and language diversity of Arizona students; and individuals who are representative of the more rural areas of our state.

Board terms are for two years (with option to renew twice, for total of six years),  and begin at the AAGT Annual Conference each year. For the 2023-2024 AAGT Board of Directors, we have the need to fill three board positions. 
Please Apply by November 5, 2023
Accepted nominees will be notified no later than December 1 in order to attend the Annual Conference.
The time commitment for a Board Director is about 10-15 hours/month, which includes attending two in-person and four virtual Board meetings, serving on a AAGT Task Force and attending those virtual meetings, and supporting/attending all AAGT Sponsored events. Directors will perform the duties prescribed in Roberts’ Rules in addition to those outlined in these bylaws.  Directors must also be current members of the Association during the duration of their term(s).

Members At Large

Are you interested in serving as a Member At Large?

The responsibilities and duties of an AAGT Member at Large are to assist a specific committee/task force group working under the direction of the committee/task force group chairperson. The term for Members at Large will be 2 years with the option to serve for a total of 3 terms.  The time commitment for a Member at Large position is about 1-3 hours/month, which includes completing assigned tasks and virtual meetings.

In addition to assigned tasks, a Member at Large is to also serve as a liaison to the general membership as a representative of AAGT, assisting AAGT with membership recruitment. Members at Large operate outside the fixed framework of the Board of Directors. They may attend board meetings if they wish, but it is not required.

Applications for Member at Large are open all year long. Depending on the area you are interested in serving, we may not have an opening at the time of application. AAGT will retain your application until an opening for the committee/task force you wish to serve on opens up. You will be notified that we are either passing along your application for interview or holding on to your application until an open spot is available.

Benefits for a Member at Large:

Join a fun and growing team

Potential for growth

Flexible volunteer work schedule

Work for an organization and mission you believe in

Is able to attend, at no cost, the AAGT event that they are supporting. If not serving on an AAGT event task force, then they may attend one AAGT small event of their choice (this does not include the AAGT Annual Conference).

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