Parent Institute

October 17, 2020

Joy is one of the most powerful motivators for everyone – join us to learn practical ways to use your child’s talents and create win-win situations.


Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented (AAGT) is a nonprofit organization of educators, parents and community members working together to better meet the unique needs of our gifted and talented students in Arizona.

We have four opportunities for supporters to get involved!

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  • Teachers, parents, grandparents and any individual that wants to support each other and the gifted students in their lives
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  • AAGT is proud to assist local groups in forming, operating effectively, and contributing to this important network.
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  • If you are a nonprofit that also provides services to the gifted community, we would love to partner with you.
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AAGT Educational Events

The goal of the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented is to advocate, educate, and communicate on behalf of gifted learners in the state of Arizona.



Join educators from all over Arizona for two full days of professional development, learning, networking, and gifted education synergy!

Gifted 101

Summer Tour

AAGT  brings national gifted education experts to you for this summer Gifted Education seminar.

Parent Institute

Fall Seminar

Parents and Caregivers from across Arizona come together VIRTUALLY to learn how to to strengthen our children’s social & emotional well-being and academic abilities.

AAGT Informs


A ten week series that will be focusing on strategies to accommodate the unique learning differences of gifted students and address their social and emotional issues during uncertain times.


AAGT is a proud state affiliate of NAGC!

Join or renew your NAGC Membership by clicking button below.  Type in our referral code “20AAGT” in the “Referred by” field.

If an individual does not have an account, they will have the option to create a new account online using the link.  If the person joining or renewing does not remember their login email or password, please contact NAGC at (202) 785-4268.

Renzulli Learning and the Arizona Association for the Gifted and Talented (AAGT) have established a partnership to share their resources with homes and classrooms for gifted, talented, twice-exceptional, and all students.

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AAGT is a resource for the information and guidance necessary for parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, community stakeholders and legislators to develop and support gifted education in our state. All of us share in the challenge to meet the needs of Arizona’s gifted children with limited funds for their education and development.
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The H.O.T. Spot Issue 7 – Insects of the World

The H.O.T. (Higher Order Thinking) Spot a Weekly Publication for Curious Kids By Jason S. McIntosh, Ph.D. CAUTION: Participation may lead to a lack of boredom and a tired brain! Available to download and print for your Gifted Students! Each […]

Do you have experience teaching twice-exceptional (2e) students?

Pam McDonald, a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University, is working with AAGT to further gifted research. McDonald will study how teachers describe their support of 2e students using strengths-based practices to promote well-being. If you are an Arizona K-8 teacher […]

NAGC Vision and Plan for Equity and Supporting Social Justice

A Letter from the National Association for Gifted Children July 14, 2020 On June 5th, the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) published a statement denouncing systemic racism and supporting racial justice. Today, on behalf of the NAGC Board of […]

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