Teacher Classroom Mini-Grant Spring 2021 Recipient – Nicole Belden

Nicole Belden (Cartwright School District) was selected as a recipient in March 2020 for AAGT’s Teacher Classroom Mini-Grant, which she used to enhance the before school club for gifted students in the inner-city with enrichment games.

Games such as Word-A-Round, Blokus, Five Crowns, and Zangle will be played by diverse students to encourage divergent thinking in quantitative, verbal, and nonverbal ways.

Enrichment time allows gifted students a place where they feel like they belong where everyone thinks in the same out-of-the-box way.

Thanks to AAGT, I was able to purchase brand new games for Gifted Enrichment Club.  The identified gifted middle schoolers at the gifted academy come together each week to work on logic puzzles, divergent thinking activities, and to socialize.  Thanks to AAGT I have an entirely new batch of games!

Nicole Belden, M.Ed.
Teacher of the Accelerated Learner
Atkinson Gifted Academy & Tarver Elementary


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