Gifted Education is key to developing a highly skilled labor force needed to fill technical jobs coming to Arizona

As parents, educators and supporters of Gifted Education, we are all aware of why a comprehensive K-12 education is important to our children/students as individuals, but what does Gifted Education mean when creating a talent pool for large companies to expand into Arizona?

In a recent segment of CBS News 60 Minutes broadcast (May 2, 2021), both the CEO of Intel, Pat Gelsinger, and TSMC Chairman, Mark Liu, were interviewed. Not only will Intel be expanding its operations in Arizona, TSMC* announced it plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Phoenix as well.

As we keep shouting – we cannot keep leaving genius on the table in Arizona!!! Not only we should be feeding the talent pool into companies such as Intel, but Arizona should be leading talent development for these companies.

Throughout this week, we are sending this letter to our State Senators and Representatives to make them aware of the potential literally being handed to our Arizona students…and why it’s more important than ever to fund Gifted Education and pass HB2817. We encourage you to share with your communities, parent groups and anyone else that would have an impact on ensuring that our children receive the education needed to take on these jobs of the future.

*TSMC is a leading manufacturer of chips located in Asia.

So, How Can You Help Right Now?

Email your legislators and urge them to fund comprehensive education in Arizona so that OUR students are taught the skills needed to take on these jobs that will be flooding our state.

Hundreds of jobs will be available in the near future – what are Arizona leaders going to do to ensure we are ready?

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Email Example:

Subject: My Arizona Child Deserves the Education Needed for the Future Job Market 

Dear __________,
I am writing today to insist that gifted education is a priority in Arizona and implore you to vote yes on HB2817 so that our students can receive the education needed today to reach their full potential in the future. Arizona residents should not miss out on STEM and other highly skilled jobs that are coming to our state.
(Share a story about your child’s educational interests, where you feel they may be lacking in schools in your district, and what investing in your child will mean to them as an individual and the future of our state in a competitive market).
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