Gifted students deserve to be challenged

Merry, Parent of a Gifted Student

In Maricopa Unified we have had two identified Gifted students. It has been a struggle to get a constant and consistent program going. It feels like Gifted students are taken for granted while the needs of under performing students are more focused upon. With Gifted even being cut from the budget many of our Gifted families exit the district for better education.

Gifted students deserve to be challenged. They deserve to excel at the rate they are capable of, instead of sitting in a classroom bored because they have finished their work ahead of schedule. They have curious minds and need to be engaged in ways that expand their horizons.

Let’s be clear. Gifted education is not about extra work. It is about quality, accelerated and rigorous education. At the same time it includes mental and emotional support for students and parents. They need to know why they think different, why they are more emotional, etc. Parents need support to better understand the mind of a gifted student and how to better support them in various stages as they grow.

Gifted education is all encompassing and caters to the mental and educational needs of students that will support them in their growth and path towards graduating with a better prepared way to move on to the next chapters in their lives.

Let’s work to better serve this student population instead of turning them away. Raise the ceilings over their heads that limit their potential. When all students thrive, all schools thrive. When our schools thrive, our communities thrive.

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