Zero Funding for Gifted – Again. We need your help.

Zero. Again. We need your help.

As you know, gifted education in Arizona has not been fully-funded in more than a decade. This legislative session saw House Bill 2418, a powerful piece of legislation that would have sustainably, equitably, and automatically funded gifted education for years to come. Despite the heroic efforts of that bill’s sponsor, Rep. Pawlik, and the efforts of long-time gifted education ally, Rep. Udall, the bill failed to progress to the Appropriations Committee.

As it stands right now, gifted education is not part of the Governor’s budget, nor is there any bill making its way through either chamber that would fund gifted education.

We are not giving up and neither should you.

If we don’t act quickly this will be just one more year that Arizona doesn’t fund our students and the programs they need to reach their full potential. This is why we are asking you to reach out to your legislators TODAY and ask them to make gifted education a budget priority.

To find your legislators click here.


STEP ONE: Add your legislator to this list of legislators who will be influential in crafting the education budget



STEP TWO: Add a subject line that says something about gifted education. We like:

Subject Line: Please fund gifted education.


STEP THREE: Tell your story. The best emails are short and sweet and explain why these programs are vital to the success of Arizona’s students.

Email: Dear Representative,

I am a [parent/educator/administrator] and I support gifted education because [insert a short reason here. A short, personal story about how this issue impact you or your family is most effective]. Please make gifted education a budget priority.


STEP FOUR: Hit send and know you’ve done your best to advocate for gifted education.


Thank you!

Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented

Donna Campbell, Advocacy Chair

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