We Press On – AAGT Advocacy Update

We Press On….

These last 6 months have been a time of trial, fear, anxiety, problem finding and problem solving. AAGT chose to respond to the uncertainty of the times with opportunities, resources and information for the gifted community in Arizona.

AAGT Informs Series

The AAGT INFORMS SERIES offered weekly July- September, webinar-based series of discussions with eminent leaders and practitioners in the field of gifted education focused on: addressing the issues of inequality in learning options for students typically underserved in programs such as those offered to identified gifted students; strategies to accommodate the unique learning differences of gifted students in multiple learning settings; and strategies to address gifted students’ social and emotional issues during these unsettling times.

Each episode was highly attended, and the feedback from parents & teachers demonstrated how needed these relevant topics were during these uncertain times.

The information and resources in the series are still relevant and can be found at arizonagifted.org/aagt-informs-episodes

Moving Forward

We will provide additional live webinars with the next episode offered in November and then beginning again monthly in January.

In addition, AAGT will be offering INFORMS SERIES Shorts, a collection of short videos featuring additional responses to relevant and current issues unique to gifted education.   These shorts will focus on developing a mindset of being able to “press on” even when we may not feel like it. We will launch our first Informs Series Short in January,

Creative Arizona

AAGT is continuing to collect ideas and creative achievements of our students as they manage their day to day new normal. The Creative Arizona page of the AAGT website features these students. arizonagifted.org/creative-arizona

Please continue to submit items to the collection.  It is so inspiring to see what our students are creating!

Last But Not Least

Rest assured, we have not abandoned our quest to restore funding for gifted education! We have an opportunity right now to impact significant change in how school is structured for gifted students.  AAGT sent a survey of candidates in the upcoming election this morning (9.22).  The responses to the survey will be posted on our website.  Following the election, we will be back on the trail connecting with the policy makers and influencers.

Thank you for your support of gifted students in our state.  Teachers and parents are amazing champions for their kids and we are here to partner with you in finding successful pathways for them to thrive.

Stay safe! Let us know how we can be of help to you!

Donna Campbell, AAGT Advocacy Chair

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