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Teacher Classroom Mini-Grant Fall 2022 Recipient Update – Superstition Springs Elementary

Superstition Springs Elementary is thrilled and grateful to be the recipient of the generous AAGT Mini Classroom Grant. The funds will be utilized to provide standards-aligned escape rooms/ breakout rooms for our gifted students. Our classes will have a year long subscription to Breakout EDU, which creates a learner centered experience that allows students to participate in the 4 C’s of 21st century education (critical thinking, communication skills, collaboration, and creativity.) In addition, lock box kits will be purchased with various coded locks — letters, numbers, directional, and shapes –to decipher during curriculum related challenges for our verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal gifted and talented students.

~ Mrs. Carrie Norton, Gifted Teacher
About the Classroom Project

It is no secret that students learn best when they are engaged. Breakout EDU provides constructive challenges that build engaged and capable learners. With a subscription to this standards-aligned program, I will be able to create a learner-centered experience that allows students to work together, think conceptually, and utilize prior knowledge for deeper comprehension. Because these lessons support the standards I teach in my pull-out gifted math and ELA classes, students’ learning and interest will soar as they become immersed in the breakout game(s)/escape rooms by asking questions, solving problems, and participating in group discussions.

Social emotional learning (SEL) is cultivated while learners work with their peers, using soft skills which help them create connections in and out of the classroom. Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills (the 4C’s of 21st century education) are fostered every time students play Breakout EDU. Whether it is quick mental math, an affinity for puzzles, or leadership skills…my gifted students can show off their strengths and feel good about their contributions.

The real beauty of subscribing to this program ($199.00 for 12 months) is that it appeals to all domains of giftedness- verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. In addition to the digital resources, I will purchase two kits ($129.00 each) that have a locked box with various locks/puzzles for the students to solve: a key lock; three and four digit locks; ABC, directional, and shape coded multi-locks.

To be able to meet the gifted students’ academic, SEL, and 4C needs through one subscription makes this a treasure trove of a purchase and time well-spent in our gifted classroom.

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