Teacher Classroom Mini-Grant Fall 2020 Recipient – Debbie Moore

Debbie Moore’s Design Lab (Deer Valley Unified School District) was selected as a recipient in November 2020 for AAGT’s Teacher Classroom Mini-Grant, which she used to update her Design Lab with a new 3-D Printer and Sewing Machine! We appreciate her dedication to gifted learners and look forward to seeing how they grow in design!

Our Design Lab is home to Robotics, Rocketry, Girls Who Code and our Fashion Design students. Our lab is in need of a 3D printer, which will allow my students to create prototypes for their entrepreneurship ideas. They will be able to test their concepts. I have students working a fashion with a purpose and a sewing machine will assist them in the effort. They will be able to create and test their clothing.

Sewing Machine.
Below are two videos from a student using the sewing machine to make masks.  With the grant we bought the sewing machine and the 3D printer for our Design Center/Maker Space.   Students use the space to create prototypes for the Entrepreneurial ventures.


3D Printer
This student is working on creating a mask with other engineers that they hope to bring to market next year. He is very excited about the printer and creating prototypes.
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