Successful Second Study Committee Meeting!

The second study committee with Rep. Shawnna Bolick (Chair), Rep. Leo Biasiucci, Rep. Walter Blackman, Rep. Alma Hernandez, Rep. Arlando Teller, Sen. Sylvia Allen (Vice Chair), Sen. Lela Alston, Sen. Heather Carter, Sen. Andrea Dalessandro, and Sen. Sine Kerr went extremely well on Monday, September 21st. Everyone involved is eager to find a solution that will work best for everyone. Several committee members shared their own personal stories and experiences with gifted education. It was a very positive experience, and we want to thank everyone who came and showed support.

Peter Laing with the Arizona Department of Education gave an extremely comprehensive presentation covering Gifted 101, explanation of the history of gifted funding and summary of the grant funding.  The committee asked great questions and were very engaged.

AAGT Advocacy Chair Donna Campbell followed up with the real life results of what can happen with students who do not have their learning differences accommodated.  AAGT Board Secretary Stephanie Newitt told an honest and heartfelt story about her son, followed by Kathy McNamara from Liberty School District who was motivated by the dumping of gifted programming in her district to run for and gain a seat on the school board. AAGT Executive Director Heather Long wrapped it up bringing our message home.

There was a great network of parents and teachers who also signed up to speak in support of gifted funding. We are proud of each of you for sharing stories.The members of the committee were very appreciative of the information.  They were supportive and we left hopeful there will be a recommendation.

A third meeting has not been scheduled yet, but we will keep you posted on new details. Meanwhile, still feel free to communicate with your Representative on why gifted funding is important to you. Study committee members’ emails are listed at the end of of our blog post on October 17, click here.

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