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A Parent Discussion Group* on the Social & Emotional Needs of Gifted Children

*Based on the SENG Model Parent Group

Every Tuesday, January 31 - March 7, 2023

6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

For nearly 50 years, AAGT & SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) have been leaders in their communities, bringing parents and caregivers together in conversation to support the gifted.  

AAGT has now partnered with the global reach of SENG to bring SENG Model Parent Groups (SMPG) to Arizona.  The aim of these groups is to support parents and caregivers of gifted, talented, and twice-exceptional children while learning how to help their children thrive socially and emotionally.  

Discussion group topics include:

  • Characteristics of Giftedness Beyond Academics
  • Perfectionism
  • Twice-exceptionality
  • Intensities/Emotional Regulation
  • Underachievement/Motivation
  • Peer and Family Relationships
  • Complexities of Successful Parenting

The Parent Discussion Group will meet virtually for 6 consecutive weeks and are hosted by two SMPG certified facilitators.  Each participant will need to purchase the book,  A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children by James Webb, et al.  We encourage you to purchase through Amazon Smile: Arizona Association for Gifted & Talented

Arizona Parent Testimonials

What the Parent Discussion Group is …

What the Parent Discussion Group is …

A place parents can find camaraderie, empathy and support about their parenting journey
A place where grace is given and received since we’re all learning on this parenting journey
A place where the intensities of giftedness are understood
A place where parents learn about characteristics of giftedness - the things not included in gifted identification assessment results
A place where parents can leave each week with tools they can practice in their families in order to strengthen their connection with their gifted, talented, or 2e child.
A place where personal sharing will take place in a space of grace

What the Parent Discussion Group is NOT …

What the Parent Discussion Group is NOT …

A place to vent about your child’s teacher or educational experience
A place of judgment
Where the facilitators lecture. Rather, facilitators guide the discussion, inviting parents to contribute to the conversation.
Where advocacy skills are taught. Connect with or organize an AAGT affiliate to learn more about the skill of advocacy.


AAGT Member Rate

$125 per family

Non-Member Rate

$150 per family

Registration opens January 13 and runs through January 27, 2023


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What materials are required for the course?  Each family is to purchase the book, A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children by James Webb, et al. You can purchase your book Here.  It is recommended that each participant take personal notes during the discussion and have a set of 3×3 sticky notes for weekly goal setting. 
  2. When will the Zoom link be sent out?  The Zoom link for the Parent Discussion Group will be sent out 2 days prior to the first day of the group.
  3. What if I can’t attend each week?  Are sessions recorded?  Each week a summary of the discussion topics, along with additional resources, are emailed to class participants.  Sessions are not recorded in order to protect the privacy of the participants and their families.
  4. Do I need to have my video on during the virtual Parent Discussion Group?  Having your video on is a way fellow parents can connect with you; however, we understand that varying needs arise and we encourage you to turn off your video while needs are being taken care of.
  5. Can additional people from my household attend the Parent Discussion Group?  Yes, there is one registration fee/household if only one Zoom box is used for your household.
  6. Can children attend the group?  No, this group is designed to support parents. 
  7. Is this group a lecture format?  No, this is an active group discussion, with the discussion being facilitated by certified SMPG facilitators.
  8. Will there be homework each week?  Yes, the homework is to help you prepare for the discussion through our readings and focus on a weekly improvement goal set from the weekly discussion.
  9. Does the Parent Discussion Group teach parents how to advocate for gifted children and gifted services?  Although chapters are dedicated to Advocacy in our book, time does not allow for this discussion. However, connecting with or organizing an AAGT affiliate will help you learn about advocating for your gifted & talented, or 2e child.
  10. What if I need to drop the class?  Is there a refund?  Per AAGT policy, there are no refunds for the course.
  11. Are scholarships available?  Contact the AAGT Executive Director if you have a financial need for a scholarship.
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