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Nonprofit Partnerships

A Nonprofit Partner Organization is defined as a nonprofit in service to a community of students with similar intent, purpose and goals as AAGT in which gifted students may benefit.

AAGT Organizational Goals

Encourage the growth of quality programs offered by school communities.
Promote and support local affiliate parent groups
Disseminate information related to gifted children.
Establish, maintain and allocate scholarship funds.
Investigate the diverse needs of gifted students in the states.
Monitor legislative activity related to gifted children.


$75 YEAR


  • AAGT and a Nonprofit Partner Organization would agree to support and advocate for the students impacted by each organization.
  • Ability to list your events on AAGT calendar.
  • One linked individual account included, additional accounts at a discounted nonprofit rate of $45 per year
  • Ability to submit press releases, informative articles and other resources on the AAGT News Feed.
  • Receive exclusive access to valuable resources like webinars, powerpoint presentations and information from educators and professionals in the community.
  • Receive a subscription to the AAGT News Brief for the latest news on gifted education, issues, jobs and important legislation.
  • Gain discounts on registration for AAGT’s state and regional conferences with training for professionals and parents, keynote experts, breakout sessions, and exhibitors.
  • Get discounts for AAGT vendors and publishers when available. Access to business directory for resources, discounts and more.
  • Participate in a state-wide network of the gifted community including parents, educators, administrators, other professionals, businesses, and government.
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