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New issue – SENG Journal: Exploring the Psychology of Giftedness

Back in June, our Gifted Non-Profit Partner SENG released the first issue of its new scholarly journal, SENG Journal: Exploring the Psychology of Giftedness (SENGJ). A new issue of the SENGJ is available, which includes the following sections:

  • A Trailblazer in Innovative Residential Programming for Students with Gifts and Talents: An Interview with Colm O’Reilly
  • Challenging the Status Quo Through Theory, Research, Practice, and Leadership: An Interview with Paula Olszewski-Kubilius
  • Literature Review – Overexcitability Research: Implications for the Theory of Positive Disintegration and the Field of Gifted Education Sal Mendaglio
  • Literature Review – Addressing the Well-Being of Young Children Pauline C. Dott, Emma H. Cho, & Nancy B. Hertzog
  • Article – Exploring Goodness of Fit: Social Cognition Among Students with Gifts and Talents in Ireland and India Jennifer R. Cross, Anyesha Mishra, Colm O’Reilly, & Paromita Roy
  • Counselor’s Corner: An Interview with Tom Greenspon

(2022). Full Issue. SENG Journal: Exploring the Psychology of Giftedness, 1(2), 1-64.

SENG Journal Cover Image - Volume 1, Issue 1

Click here to read the current issue – Volume 1, Issue 2 (2022)

From the journal website:

SENG Journal: Exploring the Psychology of Giftedness (SENGJ)publishes original research on the psychology of gifted individuals. Rigorous quantitative and qualitative methodologies used in studies of the cognitive, social, and emotional realms will enlighten readers about the inner world of this unique population and contribute to our understanding of the development of talent. The journal also publishes reviews of research, theoretical explorations, and interviews with thought leaders and experts on the psychology of gifted individuals. Articles will have applicability for families, educators, counselors, psychologists, and all those with an interest in gifted individuals.

The journal supports the SENG organization’s purpose of guiding gifted individuals to reach their intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual goals. In the spirit of inclusivity, the journal is open to access and free to all readers. Through the support of William & Mary Libraries, there are no author fees to publish in SENGJ. For more information about William & Mary Libraries’ commitment to making research accessible, click here.

To benefit from the growing body of research since the emergence of the field of gifted education in the United States more than 100 years ago, SENGJ is purposefully embracing both historical and contemporary conceptions of giftedness. The journal includes traditionally identified and more modern notions of giftedness that respect the research on the underrepresentation and marginalization of some groups. To provide the broadest array of opportunities for understanding the psychology of people who have the potential to perform or produce at exceptional levels, SENGJ will accept inclusive conceptualizations of giftedness, not limiting authors to historic definitions.

One of the SENGJ Editors is Dr. Tracy Cross, who was one of the Keynote Speakers for AAGT’s Annual Conference 2022. AAGT hopes that you will find this publication and its future issues valuable, and we wish to congratulate SENG on this monumental achievement in gifted and talented education.

Want more from SENG and more? Click here to visit our Partner Events page to keep up with upcoming events from all of our partners in gifted and talented education.

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