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AAGT Membership Perks

Members receive exclusive access to valuable resources like webinars, powerpoint presentations, business partner discounts and other resources from educators and professionals in the gifted community.


What kind of perks are we talking about? Well…
  • Renzulli Learning

    Educators receive a six month free trial; parents receive one-year free!

  • Bright Child Books

    AAGT Members receive 10% and Free Shipping on the Book of the Month!

  • Project Pals

    AAGT Members earn a special 10% off their first year on Project Pals!

  • iD Tech

    AAGT Members receive $260 off iD Tech Camps!

  • More Perks Coming

    AAGT is working hard to continually add membership perks monthly. Keep visiting our Business & Non-profit directory for updates!

Scholarships and Grants for Members

AAGT offers many opportunities to give back to the community in the way of grants and scholarships.

Visit our scholarship and grant page for a list of scholarships with specific directions and deadlines.

AAGT Business & Non-Profit Partner Directory

AAGT partners with businesses and other non-profits to provide events, discounts and exclusive content to members.

Businesses in the directory with a promo tag in bottom left corner have a special offer for you!

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