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AAGT Membership Perks

Members receive exclusive access to valuable resources like webinars, powerpoint presentations, business partner discounts and other resources from educators and professionals in the gifted community.


What kind of perks are we talking about? Well…
  • Renzulli Learning

    Educators receive a six month free trial; parents receive one-year free!

  • Bright Child Books

    AAGT Members receive 10% and Free Shipping on the Book of the Month!

  • Project Pals

    AAGT Members earn a special 10% off their first year on Project Pals!

  • iD Tech

    AAGT Members receive $260 off iD Tech Camps!

  • More Perks Coming

    AAGT is working hard to continually add membership perks monthly. Keep visiting our Business & Non-profit directory for updates!

Scholarships and Grants for Members

AAGT offers many opportunities to give back to the community in the way of grants and scholarships.

Visit our scholarship and grant page for a list of scholarships with specific directions and deadlines.

AAGT Business & Non-Profit Partner Directory

AAGT partners with businesses and other non-profits to provide events, discounts and exclusive content to members.

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AAGT Speaker Request

Formal AAGT Parent Affiliate Groups & Arizona School Partners have the opportunity to request one AAGT guest speaker annually.

AAGT will provide a 60-90 minute parent seminar once per school year OR a 60-90 minute presentation to teachers on a gifted topic.

Please allow one month advanced notice to AAGT in order to find a speaker who meets your topic request and timeline.

Member Newsletter Archives

AAGT Parent Institute Materials

Joy of Being Gifted – Keynote Otto Siegel

Thank you to Debra Murrow for creating a digital recording of our event “Joy of Being Gifted”. Download your copy of the artwork and color it in, then share with us online using hashtag #JoyofBeignGifted!

Beating Boredom: Nurturing Your Child’s Gifts & Talents in an Online World – Dr. Aimee Sulit

The Joy of Being Highly-Profoundly Gifted – Vanessa Wood

The Unique Needs of a Gifted Teens – Rebekah West Keur

Distance Learning & My Child – Nicole McNeil & Jody Hernandez

Perfectionism: How to Stop Moving the Goalposts – Dr. Matt Zakreski

AAGT Conference Materials

Gifted Education for the Cool Kids

The State of Critical Thinking

Gifted Education Programming as a Sherpa Guiding Everyone to New Heights


Won’t You Be My Neighbor

The Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Children (SENG)

Challenging Students Beyond the Standards

Gifted Children and How Trauma Affects Them

Why Smart Kids Do Dumb Things

Independent Quest

Independent Quest Rubric

Emotional Sensitivities: The Many Faces of Giftedness

Pitfalls and Potential of Cluster Grouping

Scaffolding Talent Development

One is Not Enough

The Alphabet Children

Boundaries, Borders, Boredom and Behavior (Keynote)

Gifted Services that Embrace Diversity

Soft Skills: The Undefined Curriculum

Adapting Instruction: Getting the Most from your CogAT Scores

Genius Hour and 20 Time

Enhancing the Lives of Gifted Children – Their Social Emotional Needs

Rubik’s Cube

I Always Knew I Was Smart

For some larger materials, you may need to request Google sharing permissions prior to opening…

The Importance of Problem Solving and Students’ Futures
The Importance of Problem Solving and Students’ Futures

One is Not Enough: Generating Multiple Strategies to Solve Math Problems
OneisNotEnough Agenda
OneisNotEnough – Five Step

Sense of Belonging: Building a Gifted Community of Learners 

Star Wars and STEAM (Spotlight Session)
Star Wars Lightsaber Challenge PPT
Star Wars Origami XWing PPT
Star Wars Resistance Emblem PPT
Star Wars Transmission Tower PPT
Star Wars Wonderful World PPT
Star Wars Wookie Weapon PPT

Hybrid Home Schooling for Gifted Students
AAGT Pres 2018

Mozart and the Blackboard Jungle: Notes on the Artistically Gifted and Talented
Mozart in the Blackboard Jungle

IB The Gold Standard for Education

Take the Pretend Out of the Project

Maker Space on a Dime

Genius Hour – Taking it to the Next Level
Genius Hour Gifted Conference 2018 (1)  Genius Hour Project Contract  Reflection Notes  Rubric for Genius Hour_ Sample 1

Coding for Differentiation and Enrichment with Gifted Students
AAGT Coding for Differential Instruction

Illuminating Creativity in the Practice of Mathematics
AAGT 18 Illuminating Creativity

CAFECITO – Parental Literacy Encounters to Unmask the World of Advanced Learning Opportunities in Public Schools

How to Be the Teacher that Students Like and Trust
The Teacher Coach pres AAGT 0218

Fostering a Habit of Mindfulness in Gifted Students

A Journey Into Elementary Accelerated Math: One District’s Story

To Group or Not to Group  
AAGT Flexible Grouping PPT Template.pptx (1)

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