Math Resources for Teachers

Thank you to AAGT Supporter, Christina Cimino for sharing these resources!
This K-12 curriculum provides some great strategies to teach concepts, intervention for gap areas, word problems, and games for students.
This is task based and promotes the critical thinking, questioning, and collaboration that our kids need!
A great use in math stations to spiral skills/concepts and reinforce mathematical vocabulary. The kids LOVE these!
These are great for math talks, number sense, etc. If you navigate around on his website/blog, he has some great number sense, estimation, and math talk materials.
These are AMAZING and kids love them. You can teach standard concepts using these and it reinforces abstract concepts like estimation really well. Once you build a routine, students can self-guide through these and then you can discuss, debrief, and reflect (can be used during online instruction), the discourse students have between acts is rich and deep as well (and can be done online too!). Linked is Graham Fletcher’s 3-Act Tasks but there are others if you hunt around too.
This is that GloSS interview assessment out of New Zealand, great to identify gap areas as well as areas to enrich, extend, etc.
Helpful when communicating with parents and planning for instruction.
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