Jefferson • Kindergarten • Chandler, AZ

Jefferson’s kindergarten class was going to study bugs upon returning from spring break. When it was announced they would not be going back, he had a big idea to learn about insects and report on the praying mantis egg case I had purchased for in home learning. We created a fb page to report live Monday through Friday about insects and give an update about his egg case. We had also purchased an egg case for each of the kindergarten classes to donate. He released Mrs. Fox’s praying mantis nymphs back to nature and we offered porch pick up to local learners who wanted a nymph. The channel 12 news heard of his report and even did a story on it! Finally, his egg case hatched! We was so excited! He released most, offered porch pick up for a few and kept two. He continued to report on insects and care for the nymphs. He created a science journal and wrote about insects, drew pictures and kept updates on the stage of the praying mantids. He wanted to share his excitement of learning with others and not miss out on this exciting bug unit despite school being closed.

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