It’s time to get LOUD for Gifted Education – Action Alert

Back in the Game with a Striker!

Perseverance and passion got us back on to an agenda! With the help of Rep. Pawlik and Rep. Udall, we were able to get a striker bill for HB2418!

Rep. Aaron Lieberman has agreed to allow his bill, HB 2817, to be struck (the language of his bill will be completely removed). Senator Sean Bowie will be sponsoring the striker language. The new language will be that of our original bill HB2418-as amended. This bill will add gifted education to Group B Special Education funding which means the funding will be on-going. Additionally, it will include universal testing of second grade students. The striker language isn’t posted yet. Our new bill number is HB2817, which is on the agenda for Wednesday March 31, 2021.

We are so thankful to the efforts of Rep. Pawlik, Rep. Udall, Rep Lieberman and Senator Bowie to get this done for us.


We have limited time and one shot left to get this bill through the appropriations committee.

How can you help?

If you use the Request to Speak system, please sign in favor of HB2817, and in the comments mention that you support the Bowie Strike Everything Amendment.

If you do not currently have an RTS account, please email or call the members of the Senate Appropriation. Ask them to support the Bowie Strike Everything Amendment on HB 2817. If you are a constituent of any of the committee members, it will be important to say so.

Senate Appropriations Committee Includes:
David Gowan, Chair
Vince Leach, Vice-Chairman
Lela Alston
Sean Bowie
Sine Kerr
David Livingston
Tony Navarrete
Lisa Otondo
Kelly Townsend
Michelle Ugenti-Rita

STEP ONE – Copy paste these emails in new email,,,,,,,,,

STEP TWO: Add a subject line that says something about HB2817. We like:

Subject Line: Please Support the Bowie Strike Amendment on HB2817

STEP THREE: Tell your story. The best emails are short and sweet and explain why these programs are vital to the success of Arizona’s students.

Email: Dear Representative,
I am a [parent/educator/administrator] and I support the strike everything amendment on HB2817 in order to support gifted education because [insert a short reason here. A short, personal story about how this issue impact you or your family is most effective]. Please make gifted education and our children a budget priority.

STEP FOUR: Hit send and know you’ve done your best to advocate for gifted education.

Thank you for your support!

Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented
Donna Campbell, Advocacy Chair

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