Governor Ducey has placed $1 million ongoing in his budget for Gifted Education Funding!

January 19, 2020

This is a tremendous step in our effort to get full, ongoing, dedicated funds back for Gifted Education in Arizona!

Please show your gratitude to Governor Ducey for listening and responding to our messages with the $1 million ongoing grant in his budget! (“Ongoing” holds a place in the budget proposal in subsequent years.)

As soon as possible, write an email to the Governor thanking him for the inclusion of the $1 million ongoing funds for gifted education in his budget proposal.

Subject of email: Thank you for funding gifted education! (Or something similar!)


From your perspective as a parent, educator, stakeholder in business, or a community supporter, share 3-5 bullet points describing why this is important to you! GET PERSONAL! How does funding impact the quality and availability of gifted services for you, your student, your business or quality of life in our state? Is it important to you that there is funding to educate and retain the home-grown intellectual capital in Arizona? How and why?

Please complete your emails immediately!

To email the Governor, go to this link:

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