Legislative Updates:

The State Legislature passed a “skinny” budget before it recessed in March. Gifted funding was not included in this budget.  The Legislature has not convened again to make any adjustments or additions to the budget. There will be no grant this year.
Our Advocacy Priorities have shifted


As decisions are made concerning the development and implementation of Distance Learning plans, it is important that gifted students’ unique needs are taken into consideration and addressed.
It is time to contact your local school district!

Who do I contact?

We are asking all parents, teachers and gifted supporters to directly email your:

  • local school district superintendent
  • gifted coordinator
  • school board members

What should I email them?

  • Please include a story of the impact of these uncertain times on gifted students, both academically and in their social and emotional well being
  • Suggest some solutions such as:
    • opportunities to meet with their intellectual peers and teacher
    • opportunities for acceleration in a subject area of strength
    • opportunities for enrichment, problem-based learning, in-depth study in an area of interest

Stay well!  Let us know how we can help you!

Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented
Donna Campbell, Advocacy Chair

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