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Gifted Reads – NEW Bright Child AZ Book of the Month

Bright Child AZ presents a Book of the Month for August and September focusing on building Advocacy skills for students and parents. Bright Child AZ is a small, locally owned consulting and book business based out of Chandler, Arizona. We specialize in finding and selling books that support gifted and creative learners, their families, and educators. In addition to finding and also writing many of our books, we work with authors and other professionals to provide educational consulting to schools, school districts, and parents across the country. Gifted learners are unique and it is our passion to support them and the adults in their lives. To learn more about Bright Child AZ, please visit our website at

We are happy to partner with AAGT to provide proven resources to our Arizona educators and families. Please be on the lookout for our AAGT Member-only specials each month!

August/September Bright Child AZ Book of the Month

The Power of Self Advocacy book cover - Bright Child AZ presents a Book of the Month for August and September focusing on building Advocacy skills for students and parents.

The Book of the Month for August and September 2022 is ‘The Power of Self-Advocacy for Gifted Learners’ by Deb Douglas.

About the Book of the Month

Gifted learners are full of potential, but sometimes they’re also frustrated, bored, and even disruptive in class. Many bright students struggle because they have never been taught how to ask for what they really need to improve their school experience.

This research-based guide shows educators how to teach self-advocacy skills to gifted students in four essential steps. These simple yet comprehensive strategies are brought to life in triumphant true student stories. Also included is a facilitator’s guide with complete instructions for conducting a day-long self-advocacy workshop with gifted students.

Why We Like It

Many schools in Arizona are using this resource to help our gifted learners learn to advocate for their needs – such a valuable skill as they get older and move into middle school, high school, and beyond! Deb Douglas also has provided this powerful workshop in partnership with AAGT in the past.  



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Want to know more about self-advocacy skills for students and parents?

The theme for AAGT’s 2022 Parent Institute is ‘Here We Go, Here We Grow!” with a focus on advocacy at all levels. These conversations will include tools for students to self-advocate appropriately and provide strategies and resources to support parents as their child’s #1 advocate.

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