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Celebrating Dr. Jason McIntosh’s 8th NAGC Curriculum Studies Award Win!

In the world of education, recognition and appreciation for outstanding contributions are paramount. We are so thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievement of Dr. Jason McIntosh, who has secured his 8th NAGC Curriculum Studies Award during the 2023 NAGC Annual Conference! Dr. McIntosh’s unwavering dedication to the field of education and his commitment to nurturing the intellectual growth of advanced and gifted students have earned him this prestigious honor.

This year, Dr. McIntosh’s submission, “The SENSE-ational Science Behind How We Discover the World Around Us: Inquiry-Based Science Lessons for Advanced and Gifted Students in Grades 4-5,” takes students on a journey of discovery by connecting with the five senses in this interdisciplinary science unit geared toward the fourth and fifth grade.

In a world where education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future, Dr. McIntosh’s work embodies the spirit of nurturing intellectual curiosity and fostering a love for learning. His dedication to crafting exceptional educational materials continues to inspire educators, parents, and students alike.

Dr. McIntosh’s work not only elevates the field of curriculum studies but also highlights the importance of tailored educational experiences for advanced and gifted students. It serves as a reminder that when educators are passionate about their craft and dedicated to nurturing the potential within each student, the possibilities are limitless.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Jason McIntosh on this remarkable achievement. His contributions to education continue to shape the future of our society, one inquisitive mind at a time. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact that his award-winning curriculum will have on generations of young learners to come.

For more information about the NAGC Curriculum Studies Award and Dr. Jason McIntosh’s winning submission, please visit NAGC Curriculum Awards.

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