CAN Alert – AZ Legislature 2021 Finally Sine Die and a Moment to Celebrate

It is with great jubilation that Gifted Education has a stream of dedicated, ongoing funding. The Arizona Legislature approved a budget, signed by Governor Ducey, that now includes Gifted in Group B weight funds. Districts and schools will receive weighted funds based on the number of students identified as Gifted at the 97th percentile (nationally normed) on a state approved assessment.

In addition to the Group B funding, the Legislature approved the one-time funding of Universal Screening for all second graders in every school in the state. This will allow for more students, especially from underserved populations, to be identified and will also allow for districts and schools to establish local norms and provide programs and services in response to the learning differences of the population in their individual schools.

We are grateful to the members of the Legislature who took the initiative to champion these two funding streams.  These include: Representatives Pawlik and Udall as well as Senators Bowie and Boyer.  Please send an email or leave a voice message to express your personal appreciation.

JENNIFER PAWLIK  (602-926-3193)
MICHELLE UDALL  (602-926-4856)
SEAN BOWIE  (602-926-3004)
PAUL BOYER  (602-926-4173)

Also, please contact the Senator and two Representatives in your Legislative District to thank them for their support of Gifted Education.

To find your district(s):
To find your legislators once you know your district:

We are also very grateful for the support we received from Policy Advisor for Education, Kaitlin Harrier and Policy Assistant, Tuesday Elias, at the Governor’s Office and to Governor Ducey for approving the budget with Gifted Education included.

We would appreciate that we all join together to thank the Governor and his Office of Education policy advisors for their support!

Contact the Governor’s Office of Education

What’s Next?

AAGT will be providing information on the timing of the procurement of the funds for Universal Screening and also on suggestions for districts and schools on how best to use the Group B funds.  Stay tuned!
Be assured AAGT is committed to achieving our goal for full funding of the Gifted mandate and we will continue that quest in the next Legislative session!
It is only with your diligence in continuing to tell your story to members of the Legislature about the needs of the Gifted students in your life that we were able to achieve the two streams of funding this year.  It takes many voices committed to repeatedly contacting policy makers to effect change!  

Thank you so much!  YOU DID IT!

With gratitude and respect,
AAGT Advocacy Task Force
Donna Campbell
Connie Crowley
Laura Dorrell
Scott Hagerman
Denise Hicks
Heather Pace