Action Alert: Sprinting to the Finish Line

Gifted students have learning differences that require accommodations in their curriculum and instruction and pace of learning as well as accommodations for their unique social and emotional issues. Without the opportunity to have appropriately challenging educational opportunities, the consequences can lead to the inability of our gifted students to thrive academically and socially and emotionally.

Legislative budget talks are happening right now! It is important to reach out to your Legislators by Tuesday, April 20, 2021 to share your story on how your student is struggling without the support they need due to lack of dedicated, ongoing funding for gifted education.

HB 2817 supports adding Gifted to Group B weights and provides in an amendment funding for universal screening.

You May Be Wondering:

What is Group B weight?

  • The additional monies schools receive every year based on the number of students who are discrepant from the norm and require special accommodations in their learning options. Special Education is funded in this way.
  • Gifted students are also discrepant from the norm and require special accommodations to ensure their ability to thrive. Currently, there are no dedicated, ongoing funds for gifted education.
  • Group B monies can only be used for the students eligible to receive accommodations.

What is universal screening?

  • The opportunity for every student in a grade level to be assessed for possible placement in a gifted program.
  • This would ensure a more equitable opportunity for students to be identified who may otherwise fall through the cracks.

What can you do right now?

Continue to urge your Arizona State Legislators to support ongoing, dedicated funding for gifted education and to support HB 2817 by calling and emailing!

To find your district(s):

To find your legislators and their contact information once you know your district:

Together we can get this done!

Share your AZ Gifted Story

As we continue to meet with our state Senators and Representatives, the message we are hearing is consistent – they want to hear your stories. They need to know the struggles you have faced with your gifted student. They should know what works in gifted education and why ongoing, dedicated funding will make it that much better.

Share these stories with your legislators either by emailing or calling them.

And, if you are willing, please also share them with us so that we can continue to get our gifted voices heard. We hope to have a many #AZGiftedStories on our advocacy page and shared to our Social Media!

Visit My AZ Gifted Story page on our website to submit your story!

Are you on Twitter?

Many state legislators actively use twitter to communicate and to listen to constituents. What you can do:

  1. Follow us on Twitter @GiftedAZ
  2. Retweet any of our advocacy tweets and tag your legislator
  3. Share your #AZGiftedStories on twitter and tag your legislator


Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented
Donna Campbell, Advocacy Chair