AAGT Supports Equity for Students and Stands for Social Justice

AAGT’s Mission is to advocate for the diverse population of gifted and talented students in the state of Arizona.
Our hearts are broken during this period of unrest our state and country are in. Our children today are going to be greatly impacted socially and emotionally. First by the sudden closure and loss of comfort space (for most – we recognize the struggles some students face in school). Followed by students experiencing confusion, fear and other feelings about the protests going on nationwide. It is our duty as the teachers, parents, guardians, and those who care for our students to make sure we model behavior, influence our children and dismantle institutional racism and inequities in public schools.
AAGT promises to continue making strides to eliminate disparities in education and working towards shared goals/values. We support continuous improvement of our educational opportunities and will do all in our power to make sure today’s children move forward in the world with the support, care and tools they need.
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