AAGT CAN Action Alert: HB2418 is on the Agenda

HB2418 is on the Agenda!

House Bill 2418 is on the House Education Committee agenda tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. and we could not be more excited. As you know, Arizona has not fully funded gifted education in more than a decade. This bill is powerful in that it changes the funding model so that educators and administrators can count on sustained funding to build and grow programs that meet the needs of their gifted students. Even better, there is a proposed amendment that would create funding for universal screening at second grade across the state. Universal screening has been recognized as a crucial way to close the achievement gap and reduce the racial disparities in identifying gifted pupils in underserved communities.

By supporting increased identification and consistent funding, Arizona schools could finally be supported in serving the unique learning differences of all gifted students.

But, we need your help!

Please email the members of the House Education Committee and encourage them to pass HB2418 (sponsored by Rep. Pawlik) and the screening amendment sponsored by Rep. Udall.

Be sure to include in your email how you see addressing the unique needs of gifted students is important to you personally, to your community and to our state and nation.

The Legislative leaders have requested that you send emails and sign into the Request to Speak system to leave comments.


 Here is a sample to get your started:


Bcc: DHernandez@azleg.gov; JJohn@azleg.gov; QNguyen@azleg.gov; JOsborne@azleg.gov; JPawlik@azleg.gov; BPingerelli@azleg.gov; FPratt@azleg.gov; BRoberts@azleg.gov; ASalman@azleg.gov; JSchwiebert@azleg.gov; MUdall@azleg.gov.


Subject Line: Please support HB2418 and gifted education.


Email: Dear Representative,


I am a [parent/educator/administrator] and I support gifted education because [insert a short reason here. A short, personal story about how this issue impact you or your family is most effective]. Please support gifted education by supporting HB2418 and Rep. Udall’s amendment for universal screening.

Thank you!

Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented
Donna Campbell, Advocacy Chair

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