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AAGT Board Members in the Community

AAGT Board members Michael Butts and President Denise Michelle Hicks have once again exemplified their unwavering commitment to community engagement by attending Councilwoman Kesha Hodge Washington’s District 8 Kickoff to the Holidays Sneaker Ball.

District 8 Councilwoman Kesha Hodge Washington has been working tirelessly with GATE & STEM outreach programs to bring more GATE & STEM opportunities to families in her district. She decided to host a holiday event, the Sneaker Ball, in collaboration with schools and STEAM partners, where each partner hosted exciting STEM events.

The list of partners was extensive, including esteemed organizations like the Arizona Science Center, Future Stars, Inc, local bookstores, Phoenix Soul, AZ D8 Fire Department & EMTs, Arizona Black Theater Troupe, and Az Harmon Parks and Rec, among several representatives and councilmen.

Michael Butts and Denise Michelle Hicks’ presence at this festive gathering not only symbolizes their endorsement of Councilwoman Washington’s initiatives but also underscores their role as champions for positive change within their district. Through their active participation in local events like the Sneaker Ball, Butts and Hicks continue to inspire others to take an active role in building a stronger and more vibrant community.

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