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Meeting the Unique Needs of Diverse Gifted Students with Powerful Strategies

A day of learning with Dr. Sally Reis of the University of Connecticut. She is co-author of The Schoolwide Enrichment Model, The Secondary Triad Model, Dilemmas in Talent Development in the Middle Years, and a book published in 1998 about women’s talent development entitled “Work Left Undone: Choices and Compromises of Talented Females”. Dr. Reis will be virtually presenting powerful strategies and facilitating group discussions throughout the day for classroom application.

Session Details

This session will provide an overview of exciting and positive new research about students who are both academically talented and have disabilities, focusing on recent research on students with ASD.  The focus of this work is how we can use strengths and interests to help develop talents in a broad range of students who are 2e, that is twice exceptional. Specific recent research results will be shared about how we can support the academic strengths and interests of this group of students and help them realize their potential.

This session will focus on the loss of talents of girls and women across the country and the globe, and the implications of that phenomenon on diminished creativity, leadership, innovation, and creative productivity. The keynote will conclude with a positive call to action on how educators and researchers can make a difference in helping girls and women to develop their talents.

This session will provide an overview of The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM), introducing strategies for implementing the model in a variety of schools. The model, based on more than four decades of research and development, is a comprehensive system for infusing “high-end learning” and talent development strategies. It is one of the most frequently implemented models for talent development in the world. This session will introduce services offered in the SEM, including the Total Talent Portfolios, Curriculum Modification Techniques, and Enrichment Teaching and Learning, as well as new directions that have been implemented in the SEM in the last decade.

Little research has been conducted on talented readers. This session will summarize research on this population and provide current research about what currently happens to these students in American classrooms. Attention will be focused on the special needs of this group as well as the specific differentiated strategies necessary to help them continue to progress in reading. The results of new research on talented readers will be presented in this keynote, as will suggestions for helping advanced readers make continuous progress in reading.


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