How Can We Better Understand, Identify, and Support Gifted Students?

Podcast Share - The Psychological Development of Highly-Profoundly Gifted Individuals and Overexcitabilities

The International Gifted Consortium (IGC), Research Center for the Highly-Profoundly Gifted shares real-life stories, trials and tribulations from the voices of highly and profoundly gifted children, adolescents, young adults, families and beyond – they explore the depths of heightened sensitivity, heightened intensity and heightened awareness found in the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and/or altruistic development of giftedness.

In this episode of the podcast “Room with a View”, Host Vanessa Wood and Guest Krystyna Laycraft highlight the research in The International Gifted Consortium literature review of the psychological development of highly-profoundly gifted individuals and overexcitabilities. You can also read the entire report from The International Gifted Consortium here.