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UPDATE: Governor Doug Ducey and Superintendent Kathy Hoffman jointly announced the closure of all schools from for an additional two weeks, through April 10, 2020. See the announcement.

Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented is here as a resource to parents, students and teachers. We will be updating this post with links, enrichment ideas and resources for our gifted students. If you have anything you would like to add to this post, please comment below or email director@azgifted.com.

We are all in this together!



AAGT Membership Perk – Six Months of Renzulli

Renzulli Learning and the Arizona Association for the Gifted and Talented (AAGT) have established a partnership to share their resources with homes and classrooms for gifted, talented, twice-exceptional, and all students. Renzulli Learning helps to increase a child’s engagement in learning by focusing on their strengths, empowering children as they direct their own learning, leading to increased self-efficacy and increased self-confidence.

Educators – AAGT Member Educators are invited to sign up for a Renzulli Learning classroom 6 month free trial. Through your free trial, you will have access to our Renzulli Learning Enrichment for All Students Course, which includes a certificate of completion from the University of Connecticut for nine contact hours, a $1,000 value.

Parents – Renzulli Learning is pleased to provide AAGT family members with a one-year free subscription to Renzulli Learning Home Edition, a $49 value. If you are a family, please fill out the form on this page using the promo code you were provided when you registered with AAGT to get started today. You will need a code in order to redeem this offer, if you are a current member, email officemanager@azgifted.com or director@azgifted.com to receive the code. If you are not a current member, sign up for membership here, and a code will be emailed. to you.

Arkansas, and chair/program chair of NAGC’s STEM Network, reminds us that Alternate Methods of Instruction (AMI) should be engaging, integrated, and result in a final product, not just rote work packets. Today’s blog at bit.ly/38QYzLO is full of resources for parents and educators seeking to inspire gifted minds while working from home.

Message from Fria Labs

Time at home spent social distancing doesn’t have to be unproductive. Now would be a great time to learn a new skill, like coding!

Firia Labs is creating ways to meet teacher heroes’ needs and provide learning opportunities during this unprecedented time of social distancing. Knowing that professional development in computer science is an often-sought, yet elusive, opportunity for teachers, we would like to provide that for you over the next few weeks. Additionally, we will provide a certificate of PD time for you to submit for CEU hours!

If your school has been interested in trying Jumpstart Python, but simply haven’t had the time, now is the perfect opportunity to try our “Quaran-teeny Coding kit” (a smaller version of our Explorer kit) that we are happy to ship to you for loan during this quarantine period. We’ll even pay for shipping both ways!

In conjunction with the loaner kit, we will be hosting online webinars to answer questions and let you interact with other adults! Fill out the form below by March 25 in order to be ready for our webinars the week of April 1!

Loaner Form

Fusion Academy is continuing all classes through our virtual programming during this time. Fortunately, Fusion Academy has been teaching virtual classes for more than a year and have already taught more than 11,000 virtual classes this year alone. We have the infrastructure in place and feel confident in our ability to serve students with limited disruption to their education. In the event you are concerned about your child’s academics during this unknown time, please know we are still actively enrolling new students. New students will be enrolled into our virtual programming with the option to switch to in-person classes once it is safe again. We also offer virtual tutoring sessions for students who need extra support with their academics while at home. Learn More

Please contact Fusion Director of Admissions and Outreach, Mackenzie Douglass, at 480.233.3733 or MDouglass@FusionAcademy.com to learn more.

Great Books Foundation has provided free resources, organized by grade level, to help your students thrive.

FREE Sample Lesson Plans

GBF has sample lesson plans for all grade levels, K–12, and for both fiction and nonfiction texts. You can conduct a wide array of Shared Inquiry activities to help students:

  • Read with greater comprehension
  • Listen and respond to others
  • Think critically
  • Write thoughtfully about the texts they have read

Download Sample Lesson Plans

FREE Open Educational Resources

GBF offers you a great variety of stories, folktales, poetry, and more for grades K–12. Each selection comes with thought-provoking discussion questions to engage your students. Samples include:

  • The Fox and the Stork (grades K–1)
  • The Master Cat (grades 2–3)
  • The Elephant’s Child (grades 4–5)
  • Rattlesnakes (grades 6–8)
  • The Glass of Milk (grades 9–12)

Download Open Educational Resources

Contact Kelly Emanuel for any further assistance  • 800.222.5870, ext. 7140 • kelly.emanuel@greatbooks.org

Genius Game: The Magic of LEGO
Material: Lego base plate, several random figures, a random selection of Lego bricks
Use LEGO bricks to answer a question and then present it to each other. Allow some time for comments and questions.
  • What is my future going to be?
  • What is ONE thing I want to accomplish in my life?
  • What is my biggest fear right now?
  • What do I want to do when I grow up?
  • What is the most important question I have?
If they like it, take a cell phone picture before you break it down and move on to the next one. After a few repetitions, children might come up with their OWN questions; we DEFINITELY want to encourage that!
It will be very insightful if the parents include themselves in this powerful game to learn more and exchange deeper feelings with their children. It is an excellent opportunity to nurture their sensitivity that might have been covered up by busy schedules for a long time… Now is the time and opportunity to reconnect on a deeper level in a playful way.
Play is the first language every child learns, sometimes even before they acquire their native language. They learn about themselves, about building as a very creative expression, about interacting with other kids and adults, about their own interests and talents.
Also, LEGO has been an international phenomenon for more than 7 decades. A vast majority of kids are attracted to these magic bricks and Lego has been used even in the business world for leadership training around innovation and communication as Lego Serious Play.
Do you think your mathletes might be looking for some enriching and challenging problems to spend some time on while on their hiatus from their brick and mortar building? If so, check this out!
MOEMS® will be posting two problems each day from our vault of Tournament questions. Answers to those questions will appear the following day, along with two new problems. Not only will your kids’ brains stay sharp, but these problems may be fun for the whole family to explore together.
How do they get involved? If you are willing to mail these out to your MOEMS-kids, just send us an email request with “Daily Dose” in the subject line. That’s all it takes to get you the entire set of problems delivered to your email for distributing to your students via their individual emails.
From the Maricopa County Library District
eMedia and digital resources are available any time, any place!
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • 25,0000 movies titles
  • 400,000+ eBooks & audiobooks
  • Dozens of magazines
  • Homework help
  • … and much more

MCLD LiveStream Events

Online Booktalks: Need some book recommendations? Watch live booktalks to find out what public library staff recommends! Weekdays at 1:00 PM.

Online Learning: Tune in to our free live streaming channel and start creating!

Online Storytimes: Gather around the computer for a live streaming storytime

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Watch LiveStream

Arizona PBS is offering free resources to make at-home learning easy and accessible!

(via azcentral)

  • Pre-kindergarten to third grade: 5 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. on Arizona PBS, then uninterrupted for the rest of the day on PBS Kids.
  • Fourth to eighth grade: 6:30 a.m. to noon on Arizona PBS.
  • Ninth to twelfth grade: 12:30 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. on Arizona PBS.




Sphero Webinar
Title: STEAM in the everyday classroom or living room – Webinar brought to you by Sphero
Date: April 2nd, 4:00PM ET
Estimated time: 45 min
Overview: With many of us adjusting to a new “normal” way of working and learning remotely, we want to support educators with easy access to quality educational content. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to incorporate engaging STEAM programming in the everyday classroom and beyond. You will learn how to get started with STEAM, discover unplugged activities, and get familiar with navigating all of Sphero’s educator resources. Two lucky winners will be selected at the end of the live webinar to receive a Sphero BOLT!
Webinar Registration Link: https://sphero.zoom.us/webinar/register/7515849963866/WN_fmsUJu-7TYGmia0K-PXphA

Free Access to Sphero Computer Science Foundations Curriculum
When: Starting March 25th, we will release eight free CSF lessons every two weeks on Wednesday. We’ve picked a few of our favorite themes and will release the first eight lessons from each.
Who: Parents, Educators, Learners with Sphero bots at homeWhy: To provide quality at-home lessons for students who are out of school

Video Mini-Series
What: Pre-recorded 20-minute episodes providing e-learning
Where: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram TV
When: First video released 3/27, with a new video coming every Friday
Who: Teachers, parents, students
– Give teachers a tool to share with families while communicating online resources
– Promote e-learning opportunities for parents to participate in with kids
– Keep kids engaged and learning at home
– Fun and engaging way to learn real-world topics

Gilbert Public Schools sent out a link to Enrichment Resources to their families with lists broke down per grade level. GPS Enrichment Resources

STEM Subjects
Here is a list of websites that have worked well for STEM projects and subject matter:









Other Resources, Tips and Ideas
  • Boys/Girls Club Computer Labs are open for now for those who need access to computers/wifi
  • Public Library ( Library card needed for all virtual resources, staff is there to help with setting up.)
  • District work packets per age group are being stuffed in lunch sacks to go in AM
  • Education Park with a set day, loudspeaker and social distancing where  subject areas are discussed with families in a neighborhood park by age level.
  • Flipped classrooms and Flip Boards
  • Virtual buddies… Families who sign up with each other to ensure learning happens as well as being safe
  • Software: Spectrum FREE Internet during school hours1-884-488-8398
  • Cox lowered access to internet program
  • List of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions
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